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Oswestry Sports Injury Surgery

It is difficult and dangerous to offer specific advice over the internet. The comments on the associated pages are designed to provide a general overview and you should seek professional help if you have a significant problem. Ideally, I see patients after referral from another doctor, & keep him or her up to date with your progress, but this is not absolutely necessary. This is to protect you, so that there is someone who has your complete medical record and can provide an overview. I can be contacted as below in Oswestry or Wrexham & as an NHS patient or privately.

Oswestry Team

I have private clinics Oswestry & Wrexham: Map links to each

Oswestry Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Hospital

Wrexham Yale Hospital

I also run NHS clinics in Oswestry & Mold


NHS Patients:

Jane Niccolls (Oswestry & Mold)

Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital


Shropshire SY10 7AG

01691 404094





Private Patients:

(For Oswestry)

(For Wrexham)

Jane Niccolls

Anna Gizzi

Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital

Yale Hospital


Croesnewydd Road

Shropshire SY10 7AG

Wrexham LL13 7YP

01691 404094

01978 268090

jane @

anna @

Yale Website







The advantages of private treatment are the prompt treatment with comfort & convenience. Whilst I am involved in the training of surgeons in my NHS practice, the treatment of my NHS patients is to the same standard as those in the private sector. No elective operations are done on my NHS patients other than under my supervision. Unfortunately, private treatment is expensive if you are not insured. I have negotiated agreements with some of the larger insurers including BUPA & Axa which allow their clients to be reimbursed in full & without delay for all my fees. Please do ask your insurer if they have agreed to cover my fees in full or not, as if they haven’t, you may find yourself under-insured & in that case will be responsible for the “gap” between the standard fees & what your insurer will pay.

My charges are usually 200-250 for an initial assessment  not including any X rays, injections, orthoses etc. Just to give an idea about the “total cost packages” offered by the hospitals in which I work, a knee or ankle arthroscopy (going home the same day) costs around 3000, with ligament reconstruction or joint stabilisation of the knee, shoulder or ankle (usually day case, but sometimes 1 night in hospital) 5000+. This includes all hospital charges as well as anaesthetic and surgical fees.

Mr Simon Roberts

Wrexham map

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